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When Steve got ahold of my daughter, Cailey, she was about to give up on riding. He really turned it all around. Cailey has moved up two divisions in six months and is not just pinning but winning championships in very competitive divisions, which is extraordinary. Steve is a fantastic teacher. If Cailey can't understand something one way, he goes above and beyond to find a way she will understand — whether he draws it out in the sand or he gets on and shows her instead of just explaining it.

We're so proud of her and their relationship and bond. He's a good friend to her and they have a great deal of mutual respect for one another. There are a lot of wonderful instructors who can ride and take your horse and win first place but they can't teach you how to do that and Steve does that. He can go out there and place first but he also knows how to set the horse up and get everything ready so Cailey's confident, comfortable and knows what she's doing. He's a great horseman and really loves the horses, which I like as a mom. He's good with my daughter but I know he's going to take good care of the horses too.

Amy Duguid

I've been boarding and training with Steve Heinecke for five years and it has been a wonderful experience on all levels. In nearly 50 years of horse ownership, I've never seen care of this caliber. Steve is a true horseman who puts the best interest of the horse and safety of the rider first. His experience as a top equitation, hunter/jumper rider and a big R judge is well documented over several decades and states. He has trained some of the top horses in the country and has a gift with young ones. But where Steve truly stands out above his peers is teaching. Steve is the most talented teacher I've ever seen in any topic. I sit on the sidelines now and have watched him work with riders of all ages and levels of talent. I'm always impressed with how he never gives up until he finds the precise way to communicate to the individual; until they completely understand and feel the concept he's trying to convey. He brings the best out of every rider and takes them to the highest level their talent allows. And it's far from all work. We have a lot of fun. I've never laughed so hard. We celebrate our victories and we laugh at and learn from our mistakes. He has taken my little girl from an awkward novice in the junior ring to winning at top shows as a junior. Now she is a successful amateur with several tricolors on a variety of horses at top shows. Most recently, he helped her achieve her long-time dream of competing in the jumper ring. He is doing a remarkable job training Paige's young, green hunter, Dicaprio. Paige and I look forward to much more success and fun with Sock Inc.

Elizabeth Fry Wilson

Steve brought me up from doing the juniors to the amateurs and I had great success with him in the hunters, especially with Take Away. He did an amazing job helping me achieve success in that area. His attention to detail for each horse is great and he really caters to each client. He tailors his teaching style to each rider, their abilities and what level they're at.


Steve is organized and neat. His attention to detail is really spot-on. He's a really great guy in general and a really great trainer. He's been an enormous help to me throughout my career.

Alise Oken

HiHopes Farm LLC

My experience working with Steve has been great. He trained both of my daughters for 10 years. He's a solid professional who has given both of our girls a solid foundation and has allowed them to be very successful in the jumpers, equitation and hunters. They've benefited incredibly from his teaching; he's a wonderful teacher. Anybody who connects with him will benefit from a relationship with him.

Marc Oken

HiHopes Farm LLC

Steve has a rare combination of attributes: talented rider, patient and thoughtful trainer. He's a brilliant teacher — a consummate horseman. Bryan and I are so grateful for the horses and experiences Steve has brought to our family for two decades: Figaro, PlayStation, Goliath, So True, So Lucky, Stoli and Swag. If you get the chance to train with Steve or have him train your horse, take it!

Jane Olson Fisher

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